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PMHNP's have limited openings.

Thank you for your interest in services at Willamette Health & Wellness!

Our goal is to help you find the right services with the right person in the most timely fashion. You have needs and preferences unique to you as an individual and our clinicians have different areas of specialty and varying availability. Because of this we have tailored our process for reviewing your request and determining whether we have availability.
Please note that clinicians frequently close (usually temporarily) their schedules for new patients due to a variety of reasons.  Because clinicians primarily manage their own schedules we may not be able to provide an accurate prediction of availability until you submit a request for treatment.
Below are instructions and important information on our process:
  1. 1. YOU: Complete the New Patient Treatment Request (NPTR) Form. NOTE: you should receive a confirmation email that your request was received and is under review.
  2. 2. WHW (Willamette Health & Wellness): Our clinicians review the information for a good match between your needs and their specialties/availability.
  3. 3. WHW: Contact you with the results of the review.
**Referrals from another provider does not guarantee an appointment at WHW.
** After the initial confirmation email, you should expect contact within 5 business days. Please call or email us if you have not received a contact from us after 5 business days.
**form submitted from this page are encrypted and HIPAA compliant.
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Our goal is to help you connect individuals and families with the right services and the right person in the most timely fashion. We may not be able to offer services for a variety of reasons including lack of current availability or good fit between requests and expertise. We ask that you help the patient/client understand that a referral does not guarantee an appointment with WHW. You may connect the person you would like to refer to our website to complete the New Patient Treatment Request (NPTR) Form. However, if you would like to assist the person you are referring, you may also complete this form. We will follow-up regarding potential scheduling with the person you are referring.

If you have previously collaborated with one of our clinicians, you may contact them directly to discuss potential for referral prior to submission of the NPTR form. However, a New Patient Treatment Request (NPTR) Form will need to be completed in order to initiate the first appointment.